Tattoo Removal

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We are offering an alternative to laser tattoo removal that has better results, is less painful and more cost effective. You’ve evolved, shouldn’t your art? This isn’t simply another tattoo removal system, this is a revolution!

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If you want to alter, cover, or even completely wipe the “regret of it all” ink that you have, there is an alternative to laser treatments now available. Until now the only option for tattoo removal was to be referred to someone outside the studio for multiple painful laser removal/lightening procedures only to return to an artist for a cover-up or modification and being put in situation where the artist, and you, were limited.

Now, your tattoo ink-evolution can be done by tattoo experts who understand the essence of tattoo art and will work with you and your desired artist throughout the entire  process. We can lighten, fully remove, remove specific areas or words, there are limitless possibilities depending on what you want for your final outcome.  You are in control, only limited by imagination! We are excited to work with you to lighten or completely remove your old tattoos so that you can get the beautiful cover up tattoo that you always wanted.

Tatt2Away® uses an innovative patented technique TEPR® (Trans Epidermal Pigment Release) with TERPSOL®, a solution naturally occurring in carbohydrates, which binds and breaks down the ink pigments bringing them up and out of the body.

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How does Tatt2Away work?

Tatt2Away® involves a revolutionary new treatment called Trans Epidermal Pigment Release (TEPR). The Tatt2Away® Tattoo Removal System (US Patent 8,663,162) works using a similar technique to how a tattoo is applied:

The skin is lightly abraded in a patented pattern to reduce scarring. A patented solution developed by Rejuvetek Medical called TEPRSOL® is introduced instead of ink.

TEPRSOL® produces an escarotic response in the skin that relies on the body’s natural healing response to reject the ink from the body in the form of a scab, actually removing the ink from the body.

Tatt2Away® treatments are designed to remove the tattoo in a series of visit for maximum results. The number of treatments depends on the complexity, and location of the design. An average size tattoo (3 inches by 4 inches), may need 2 to 4 visits to remove depending on your needs. The number of visits will be determined during the initial consultation.

Discomfort from the procedure is comparable to that of a tattoo being applied. Treatment sessions last about 30-45 minutes and time between treatment sessions is usually somewhere between 8-12 weeks.

How is Tatt2Away a better alternative to laser?

Tatt2Away® is different from laser in a number of ways.

1. All tattoos can be removed, including whole tattoos, parts of a tattoo, or cosmetic tattoos.

2. Tatt2Away® can remove all colors, is effective on most skin types and is fast, affordable and can be largely pain free. it can remove all colors unlike laser.

3. It requires fewer, less painful treatments to reach the final goal. It is also more cost-effective for this reason.

4. The Tatt2Away® treatment pulls the pigments out of the skin rather than bombarding them withe laser pulses breaking particles up to then be absorbed into your bloodstream and be collected in your lymph nodes, liver and kidneys. Unlike laser treatment any dermas damage in minimal. After scabs fall off, the skin will be pink, that is totally normal. Once the skin is completely healed, it will return to your normal skin color.

How is the procedure performed?

Using a template stencil pattern to mark the skin, the TEPR® (Trans Epidermal Pigment Release) technique and the TEPRSOL® solution is what makes us unique and the best in the market. The stencil ensures minimal scarring and the solution works to remove all of the ink pigment from the skin. Both are patented by Rejuvatek Medical explicitly for Tatt2Away®.

The technician performs the removal with equipment similar to a tattoo machine, applying the solution in 5mm patches following the stencil pattern. This begins the process of binding and breaking down the ink pigments of your tattoo. To see more details on the process, please visit the Tatt2Away® website.

Does Tatt2Away® hurt?

Because the procedure is equivalent to that of a tattoo being applied the level of discomfort during removal is similar to how you felt when getting the tattoo. Many patients claim the removal process was less uncomfortable than when they got the original tattoo. It is considerably less painful than laser treatments. The standard at Tatt2Away® is that if you were able to sit through the ink, you can definitely sit through the un-inking with us! And with the average session only lasting about 30-45 minutes, the procedure can be quick and painless. Our clients have mentioned that there is minor pain and swelling for the first couple of hours and then completely pain free after that.

Is Tatt2Away® magic?

No! There is no magic treatment that will take your bad decision tattoo away and leave you with the perfect fresh skin that you started with. You have done some damage to your skin by getting tattooed already, if all went well and your artists was knowledgeable and did not scar you, you are ahead of the game. Any kind of removal will be adding some level of damage to your skin. Tatt2Away® is a MUCH less painful and does considerably less damage to the skin than traditional laser treatments, it is also color blind so ALL colors can be removed with equal success. With Tatt2Away®, if you follow the aftercare instructions, you will have little to no scarring and ink free skin in no time.

If your end goal was to alter or cover-up your ink your technician will be confident your skin is ready for another masterpiece approximately 6 months after your final treatment.

What about aftercare?

The TEPRSOL® relies on your body’s natural healing to reject the ink from the treated area in the form of a scab. This means less healing time is required between and after treatment. When the scab falls off it is actually removing the ink from the body.

In between treatments, you will be advised to keep the area clean and out of the sun and to follow all aftercare instructions given by your technician to achieve the best result possible based on your specific removal. THERE IS NO SWIMMING, SAUNAS, STEAM ROOMS, or JACUZZIS for at least 3 weeks after the treatment!

When you schedule a series of Tatt2Away® treatments, you will be asked to review information about the procedure so that you understand exactly what is required of you for a successful outcome.

What kind of results can I expect?

The number of Tatt2Away® treatments depends on the size, complexity, and location of the design. During your initial consult with your technician, your treatment length will be sketched with your end-vision in mind. An average sized tattoo (3 inches by 4 inches) may require only two to four visits, while larger pieces will obviously require more sessions to remove.

Much like when you get a tattoo, your results can increase or decrease based on your aftercare regiment and the condition of your skin before the removal process. Highly scarred tattoos or tattoos that have had previous laser treatments may have more difficulty being removed but can still produce good results if treated properly. Follow all of the aftercare instructions, including keeping the area clean and out of direct sunlight to get the best results possible.

What does it cost?

Tatt2Away® is a much more cost effective method of tattoo removal than laser treatment. You will need considerably fewer sessions with much better results. During your initial consultation, we will be able to give you an estimate of cost based on how many treatments we estimate you will need to achieve your desired results.

How does this process affect darker skin colors?

Tatt2Away® treats all skin colors; however like any cosmetic procedure, if there is any question regarding expected results, we recommend a test spot first. We will do a test spot at the time of consultation and charge $125 that will go towards treatment if it is successful.

Will it cause hypo pigmentation or scarring?

Hypo-pigmentation or scarring can be unpredictable and is dependent on many factors. A test spot is recommended for darker skin tones or people with a history of scarring. We have been trained to avoid any possible hypo-pigmentation or scarring however every individual is different and although we have not experienced any major scarring issues there can be no guarantee. Strictly following the aftercare instructions also reduces the risk of hypo-pigmentation or scarring. Individuals who have provided an accurate physical history, followed after-care instructions, and had a test spot removed minimize the possibility of hypo-pigmentation or scarring and most go on to have acceptable results.


All ingredients in TEPRSOL® are natural and vegan friendly. No chemicals are used. TEPRSOL® is a solution naturally occurring in carbohydrates, which binds and breaks down the ink pigments bringing them up and out of the body.